About the Book



“STONEBROKEN” introduces us to Mike Wise. Mike is a detective whose reputation took a nosedive after a job went spectacularly wrong. Despite being an ace at cracking cases, Mike is an outcast in his own city, thanks to the scars left by that fiasco and his struggle with alcohol, which has also punched holes in his memory.

Mike’s life changes unexpectedly when an old police associate offers him a job that seems too good to turn down, not to mention too lucrative. The task? Intimidate a young lover away from a rising star on the political scene. It sounds straightforward, but as Mike steps into this assignment, he finds himself tumbling down a rabbit hole filled with murder, greed, and betrayal far darker and more complex than anything he has ever encountered.

As Mike digs deeper, the very fabric of reality starts to warp around him, and he begins to doubt his surroundings, the people he knows, and even him own past.  As the murky waters start to clear, Mike begins to connect the dots between his present predicament and a past riddled with more than just drunken blackouts. These revelations suggest signs of a sinister conspiracy that he must unravel…or perhaps that there is an even bigger, even more frightening angle in play, if only he can see it in time.

“STONEBROKEN” is not your usual tale of crime and mystery. It is a journey through a man’s struggle with his demons, both literal and metaphorical. It is about realizing that the world around you might not be what it seems. Mike’s story challenges the boundaries between reality and illusion and engages with the reader in a place between.